Thursday, January 15, 2009

What does an introduction need to include in the essay about "Globalisation"?

Essay's introduction is expected to include:

1. What your main idea about globalisation is (are you for it, or against it; if you're for it, you still need to present the argument against which we call 'the counter-argument').

2. At the end of the introduction, you have to introduce what you will be arguing, and what will be the structure of your essay.

3. You need put citations for any facts or arguments that you present that are not obvious (Everyone is worried at the moment about the recession - OBVIOUS, 99.9% of us believe this to be true, doesn't need a citation).

4. Your writing and arguments are clear (sentences not too long).

5. One sentence should be linked to the next sentence (a logical argument).

6. The language you will be writing in the essay must be academic (no slang, no personal words like 'I think', 'I feel').

7. Words are spelt correctly.

8. Your writing must not have anything to be plagiarised.

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  1. what does an introduction when you're doing a book talk tinclude?